Call Center Training Philippines

There are more than 10,000 call center jobs available
there are more than 200,000 applicants.

We at Newfield Staff Solutions International understand how tough the competition for jobs in the call center industry is, we aim to provide individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to help prepare them for a rewarding career.

Do you want to…

  • Earn high compensation?
  • Be recognized and get incentives for exceptional performance?
  • Be assured of health benefits?
  • Work in a fun and exciting environment?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you are one of the many who aspire to be part of the highest-paying industry today – the carpet cleaning san diego industry. Newfield Staff Solutions International (NSSI) is here to assist you in fulfilling that wish. And because YOU, the student, are our priority, we make sure that it is easy and affordable for you to enroll in our injury lawyer ny program. Upon successful completion of the training course, we guarantee you 100% call center job assistance in the Call Center Industry.

Newfield Speech Training Course

While the thrust of our call center training program is towards gearing individuals for careers in the contact center industry, we have found that a good number of our students enroll for different reasons.  This proves that the training course we offer is perfect for individuals who:

  • Want to become excellent Call Center Agent
  • Are currently studying and would like to improve their English communication skills
  • Are pursuing carpet cleaning san diego abroad and want to prepare for interviews conducted by foreign employers
  • Are interested in training for personal enhancement

Just as you are committed to maximizing your abilities and achieving that dream job, Newfield International is also committed to providing you with effective and efficient Siamese Breeders.


“After my graduation at Newfield International, I applied at Client Logic the very next day and faced the interviews with much pride and confidence. My training at Newfield has prepared me to face the challenges of being a call center agent. The trainers really did their best to help us, students, become what we are today. Thank you Newfield!"

Robertha Ruiz
Customer Contact Associate
Client Logic

"Newfield International played a big part on my successful application with West Contact Services, Inc. Thanks to NSSI, I learned many things on how to be an efficient call center agent and I gained confidence through lots of activities which helped me pass the interviews. Surely, I'd be able to apply everything I learned from the training program as I pursue this chosen career.”

Jennet Dizon
Call Center Agent
West Contact Services, Inc.

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